• COOL FRESH breathable wrap is more comfortable during hot humid summer weather - qualities attributed to Linen
  • FREEDOM TO ROAM where a pushchair cannot venture.  Excellent for park and bush walks, negotiating narrow aisles, and busy shopping centers. Great for bonding with dad.
  • HANDS FREE BABY WEARING allows you to comfort an unsettled baby while going about daily  activities. Baby is soothed by your movements, your body warmth, the sound of your beating heart and your voice 
  • NURSING is easier and discrete while out and about. Wearing baby while feeding can be achieved with a baby carrier sling. Extra length provides additional coverage.
  • SOFT AND GENTLE on your newborn baby's soft skin. 100% stone - washed linen is a luxury you must have



  • Strong: Linen fibers are twice as strong as cotton, does not stretch therefore holds its shape. Suitable for babies from 3 - 15 Kgs (8 - 35lbs)
  • Stone washed linen feels so soft and gentle on your skin
  • Easy to wash and fast drying
  • Absorbs up to 20% of moisture before feeling damp so readily absorbs perspiration
  • Lightweight 340 grams
  • Static Free and non pilling
  • Unaffected by sun.  Its' cool fibres conduct body heat away
  • Hands Free enables you to be mobile while baby rides along with you.  While strollers are wonderful, they are cumbersome in narrow shopping aisles, busy malls and airports.  Negotiating around people can be frustrating
  • Newborns can be cradled in the sling, crawling babies sit in front position whilst toddlers sit on your hip.  The unwelded aluminium rings are easily adjust to accommodate
  • Baby Wearing is convenient when baby is fussing. Baby is easily soothed by the movements, the sounds and the feel of your body
  • Baby loves being close to mom or dad in this unisex Baby Carrier. Makes for excellent bonding time
  • Breastfeeding is better than a crying baby who just needs to be fed.  Baby wearing makes this so much easier. No-one notices a feeding baby snuggled away in a sling.  The extra tail piece can add cover if needed
  • When the sling is not being used as a baby carrier, it can double as a wrap
  • Handy Pocket for phone, keys or an emergency diaper
  • NB:  Advise use as early as possible from newborn so that baby and you become accustomed to the weight changes as baby grows.  Adjust baby carrier accordingly

Stonewashed Linen Ring Sling - White

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